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How Much Pressure Can Peristaltic Pump Generally Achieve?

We need to understand how the peristaltic pump produces pressure. The peristaltic pump is always sealed, so the sealing will produce a certain pressure. Below, we will explain in detail how much pressure the peristaltic pump can achieve.
In general, the pressure of the peristaltic pump depends on the gap of the pressure pipe, which is why the same type of peristaltic pump is suitable for the same soft pipe wall thickness, the inner diameter, and outer diameter is not the key, as long as the wall thickness is the same (the drum is long enough) can use the same pump head. But the problem is coming, if it is also a hose and wall thickness of 2.4 mm, between the manufacturer and the manufacturer, the error of the hose will have the same manufacturer production must, even the same manufacturer production hose, also can appear the error of plus or minus 1, about the peristaltic pump pressure, the error will cause a lot of pressure difference of 0.1 mm, also is to say, in the pressure vessel must be void, The hose will be different, the pressure will be different, the hose life will be different.
In practice, excellent peristaltic pump planning will have a pressure regulating function, to get used to the scale differences between different manufacturers, domestic and imported pump pipes. For pumps with a wall thickness less than 2, this function is crucial. 4mm, resulting in a large differential pressure due to a small error. Another application of this function is that it can be used in situations where different pressures are required, and this can be done by adjusting the pressure, of course, at a scale acceptable to the peristaltic pump.

The pressure scale of the peristaltic pump with a wall thickness of 2.4mm and below is 0.0≤0.25MPa, and that of the peristaltic pump with a wall thickness of 4.8mm and above is 0~0.6 MPa. The main factor affecting the pressure of the peristaltic pump is the wall thickness of the soft pipe. The thicker the wall thickness, the greater the pressure of the hose, the greater the pressure.

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