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The use of peristaltic pumps and how to install them

The use of peristaltic pump to a certain extent will affect the life of peristaltic pump, in order to extend the life of peristaltic pump, how to use peristaltic pump?
First use the new peristaltic pump to be used before the first test, due to the transport will have a certain degree of damage to it, affecting the test results, so before the test to let it stand for 3-5 hours before, and then To test, before the test to check the appearance of peristaltic pump is damaged, wait until the check and then according to the instructions for use in the test.
Outdoor environment is poor, will affect the peristaltic pump life, it should try not to peristaltic pump placed in the outdoors, if you must use in the outdoors, it is best to use things to block, to avoid wind and rain.
Peristaltic pump tube selection, if it is used for the experiment, you can use the whole rice tube, if it is used in production, the health level is not demanding, you can use the ordinary tube, which can effectively extend the pump life, while But also reduces the cost of business input. If the manufacturer needs to use it 24 hours a day, the appropriate inlet pipe should be selected because its service life is longer than that of the ordinary pipe.
If the use of peristaltic pump interval is relatively long, when each time to use, should be in the pump head inside the shaft to add some oil, play a role in lubrication. Choose the oil as long as the oil can be.
In order to improve the accuracy, each time the pump tube into the peristaltic pump pump head, the pump tube can be appropriate to the left and right sides pull. Multi-channel peristaltic pump can be pumped into the peristaltic pump pump head, and then the appropriate pump tube to the left and right sides of the pull, and then each channel pump head on both sides of the long and short adjustment of the same length, Effectively reducing the error between the channels.
When using a peristaltic pump, if the number of revolutions displayed is always changing, there may be magnetic disturbances around the peristaltic pump and placed in other places to restart. Timing measurement of the distribution of products, according to the instructions after all the relevant parameters set, the pump will automatically run, peristaltic pump tube can be manually moved, can also be used in the conveyor belt to achieve full automation operation, this operation will not only reduce Cost, but also improve accuracy.


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