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Peristaltic pump for Copper sulphate Quantitative automatic addition

Copper sulphate (CuSO4) is a widely used chemical salt in agricultural and industrial fields as well as in pharmaceuticals and research. Because copper sulphate exothermically dissolves in water, it gives off heat and can substantially raise the temperature of the water in which it is added by peristaltic pump

Medical applications:  Copper sulphate is a commonly used germicide and antiseptic agent in public swimming pools, either by adding it by peristaltic pump to the water or incorporating it into the foundation of the floor by peristaltic pump where it has been proven to eliminate the spread of athlete’s foot and contagious diseases. 

Pharmaceutical applications: As a raw material, copper sulfate is used in the manufacture of copper catalysts which also can be added by peristaltic pump

Agricultural applications:  Copper sulphate is a herbicide, but is generally not used on crops. Instead, it controls invasive aquatic plants growing near public water or sewer pipes.  Very diluted copper sulphate which added by peristaltic pump treats aquarium fish for parasitic infections, or the aquarium itself to remove snails. It may also be used as a fungicide when mixed by peristaltic pump with either lime or ammonium carbonate.

To distinguish barium from copper sulphate, a flame test proves that CuSO4 emits a much deeper green light than barium. In the presence of chlorine, however, copper sulphate emits a deep blue light.

From farmers to pharmacists, copper sulphate is a chemical salt with interesting and differentiated properties. 

Because copper sulphate is toxic, it is recommended to use a peristaltic pump in the process of transmission and addition, safe and reliable, high precision and no pollution.

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