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Peristaltic pump is used for selection of cement grinding aid

1, what is a cement grinding aid?
Cement grinding aid is a kind of chemical additive to improve the cement grinding effect and performance, can improve the performance of cement, common cement grinding aid has liquid and powder (solid) two kinds, which solid grinding aid in the early application more, due to dust pollution, solid cement grinding aid will gradually transition to liquid grinding aid.
2, the characteristics of peristaltic pump:
The advantage of the peristaltic pump is that the liquid itself does not contact the pump body, easy to clean. However, the peristaltic pump needs to replace the hose regularly. To improve the working efficiency, reduce the cost of consumables and reduce the frequency of tube change, the life of the peristaltic pump hose has become one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the peristaltic pump.
3, how to improve the life of peristaltic pump hose?
The peristaltic pump tube used for the transmission of cement grinding aid can meet the needs of silica gel tube, without the need to use imported pipe, but the majority of users may have such a question: hose material is the same, the same specifications, the same life must be the same? The answer is no, in addition to the material of the hose itself, another very important factor is the performance of the pump head and speed.
The peristaltic pump is to work by squeezing the hose, and the hose to reach the life is often extrusion fatigue damage, that is, the hose is squeezed the limit number of times is certain, so the higher the speed, the shorter the life will be. This theory tells us that when choosing a peristaltic pump if there is no special requirement, the thicker pipe should be selected as far as possible so that the flow rate can be met at a lower speed. Thus to achieve the purpose of improving the hose life.
Another factor that needs to be considered is the performance of the pump head itself, whether the pressure can be adjusted, whether the pressure tube gap is uniform. The pressure adjustment prevents the hose from being overpressurized and unable to release, or the pressure is not enough to prevent transmission. When the hose is overpressurized, the life will be shortened exponentially, seriously affecting the normal work, and in the case of negative tolerance of the hose, or working for a while, the pipe wall becomes thin, it may lead to insufficient pressure, or even no water. The uniformity of the pressure tube clearance is also a factor to consider, due to the principle of peristaltic pump decision in the process of work to ensure the whole sealing, to the low pressure not slack adjusted for the standard pressure, if uneven pressure tube clearance will lead to high and low pressure differs greatly, so the hose will be part of the overvoltage, then this part of the hose will be reached first life.


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