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What are the effects of suction and head when using peristaltic pumps?

When leaving the factory, the peristaltic pump has been debugged, but when customers use it, there are often differences. Why is this? There are a lot of factors affecting accuracy, here and we introduce one of the - suction and head impact on transmission.
1. What is suction and head
First of all, we introduce the difference between the two. Suction refers to the height between the outlet liquid level of the delivery fluid and the pump head of the peristaltic pump, and the head is the vertical height between the pump head of the peristaltic pump and the liquid outlet.
2. What will be affected
Under normal circumstances, the suction range is not more than 9 meters, the head is not more than 15 meters, and the impact on the accuracy is relatively small, but once the corresponding value is exceeded, it will have a significant impact on the accuracy of transmission, liquid backflow, flow rate drop and other situations.
Of course, in addition to the accuracy will also have an impact on the stability of transmission, so under the condition of conditions, do not let the peristaltic pump head and suction reach the limit, otherwise, it will affect the production.
3. What else affects the accuracy
In addition to suction and head, hose wear will also affect the accuracy of the peristaltic pump, so it is necessary to replace the peristaltic pump hose regularly, which can not only maintain the accuracy of the peristaltic pump but also avoid other accidents of the peristaltic pump.
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