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Peristaltic pump how to choose? Good peristaltic pump determines the filling accuracy and filling efficiency

Peristaltic pump in the dosing work has the following characteristics:
1. Peristaltic pump only pump fluid contact.
2. Low pressure peristaltic pump transmission pressure within 0.2 Pa.
3. Peristaltic pump can not transfer solid-liquid mixture.
4. Peristaltic pump relative to the traditional high precision metering pump.
5. Peristaltic pump maintenance easier and cheaper.
6. Peristaltic pump the maximum flow rate is low, you want to transfer more traffic will have to choose a larger flow peristaltic pump, for this reason, also known as peristaltic pump micro-peristaltic pump.
Peristaltic pumps can deliver highly viscous liquids.
That in the choice of peristaltic pump, we should pay attention to what?
Choose a peristaltic pump from the following aspects to choose from.
1. Peristaltic pump: Peristaltic pump itself determines the quality of the level of work efficiency, like the atrium inside the blood circulation system.
Peristaltic pump head: Peristaltic pump head on the overall operation also has a great impact, especially the liquid high-precision transmission.
3. Peristaltic pump tube: peristaltic pump tube selection; peristaltic pump hose material determines the filling accuracy and filling quality is good or bad.
Peristaltic pump body determines the performance, and the pump tube play a role in the performance. The pump tube is able to determine the peristaltic pump working life and work efficiency is an important point.
Pump parameters, is the difference between the inner diameter and outer diameter, determines the flow of liquid transmission. The greater the difference, the greater the liquid flow rate.
Pump tube material selection according to their own industry to choose. If the fluid to be delivered is corrosive, select a corrosion-resistant tubing. If it is high temperature liquid to choose, high temperature pump tube. If it is a regular liquid, choose an ordinary pump tube.
On the performance of the pump tube should consider the compressive resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, as well as the appropriate operating temperature, and the appropriate size.
Whether it is industrial peristaltic pump, or laboratory peristaltic pump, or peristaltic pump liquid transmission, and ultimately determine the efficiency or peristaltic pump transmission accuracy, and determine the peristaltic pump transmission accuracy requires a good peristaltic pump body, peristaltic pump head And hose.


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