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How to choose the pump head of the peristaltic pump?

  I have already talked about the driver of the peristaltic pump and the selection method of the hose. Today I will talk about the last accessory - how to choose the pump head, or whether you only need one pump head, let's take a look Bar!
  1. Flow

  Like the other two components, different pump heads also have different flow ranges. If you want a higher flow rate, you need a correspondingly larger pump head, and a larger pump head can accommodate a larger hose. Of course, the advantage of small flow is that it has higher precision, and the selection is made according to individual needs.

  2. Material
  Whether the transmitted liquid has special requirements such as corrosiveness, if so, the corresponding pump head can be selected. If there are no special requirements for this aspect, you can choose whatever you want.
  3. Installation method
  The pump head can be slightly different according to the installation method. For example, a pump head with small pulsation and stable transmission is required, so the pump head with Y-shaped hose is more suitable for your production environment. Or you only need the pump head to be matched with your own equipment, and choose the pump head + motor.


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