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Analysis of several cases of peristaltic pump hose and pump pipe damage

Peristaltic pump hose as peristaltic pump consumable in use may encounter all kinds of damage, under normal circumstances 100 RPM pump speed to transport normal temperature liquid, silicone tube life can reach 200-400 hours, imported A-60-F pump tube can reach 2000-10000 hours. However, in the process of use, premature wear and abnormal wear of the peristaltic pump will be caused by incorrect clamping of the peristaltic pump hose or certain corrosive liquid. What is the cause of all this damage? Today do a simple analysis of this problem.
1, from the damage of the damage to see the cause of peristaltic pump hose damage: if the damaged peristaltic pump hose looks like a knife cut is a sharp incision, then it is usually cut by the runner and flange of the peristaltic pump head. The reason for this kind of damage is usually because the hose in the pump head is too long. When the peristaltic pump head is running, the horse moves in the pump head and touches the flange edge of the runner. The flange edge keeps rubbing and cutting the hose. The process of damage can be very rapid, usually in about ten minutes will be completely broken. With the failure of the pump line, you will also see a lot of hose residue in the pump.
Solution: 1. When installing the card pump tube, we must ensure that the pump tube in the pump head is straightened, and there will not be too many hoses buried in the pump head. 2. At the same time, a special plastic clamp (as shown in the figure) is clamped on the inlet and outlet of the hose pump near the clamping pipe of the pump head to prevent the peristaltic pump hose from loose running during operation.
2, from the shape of the damaged hose to see the cause of damage: the hose shows a completely flattened, losing the resilience, the thickness of the soft pipe wall becomes thin, and the surface is seriously worn. This phenomenon is usually caused by the runner stuck, peristaltic pump pressure block contact pump tube surface, and impurities on the runner caused by high speed. Peristaltic pump head of the wheel is stuck, shaved peristaltic pump wheel directly peristaltic pump hose, the hose will increase friction on the surface of the tube surface temperature rises high and the wear surface of the hose, high temperature will also lose elasticity, soft and extreme cases of temperature over 140 degrees above what * * can cause the hose melt deformation.
Solution: pay attention to check whether the operation of the peristaltic pump head runner is flexible; Pay attention to cleaning pump head pressure tube surface; Properly reduce the peristaltic pump speed.
3, from the size and shape of the damaged peristaltic pump hose damage, cause: peristaltic pump hose may transport different liquids, some liquids will cause corrosion and dissolution of some hoses. If we see the peristaltic pump hose brittle, hard, lose elasticity, discoloration, swelling, damage, and other phenomena, then it is usually because the hose can not transport this liquid caused.

Solution: find the hose material that will not be corroded by the liquid delivered by yourself. Chuangrui Peristaltic Pump Company has many kinds of pump tubes of different materials to choose from. It can provide the chemical compatibility experimental reference data of most liquids and provide detailed chemical phase depth tables for reference to help you accurately choose the hose. You can also take samples of hoses and do immersion tests to make sure they are not corroded by liquids.

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