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(Peristaltic pump) stepper motor introduction

Stepper motor is a kind of electric pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement control components, with simple structure, low cost, easy to control, no accumulated error, and high control accuracy, so the control system using stepper motor as the power source is widely used in the control of peristaltic pump; However, the vibration and noise of the stepper motor are its inherent disadvantages. To improve the operation quality of the stepper motor and suppress the low-frequency oscillation, various methods have appeared. For example, replacing the stepper motor with an ac servo motor can almost completely overcome the vibration and noise, but the cost is high. Switching to a stepper motor with a smaller step Angle can improve vibration and noise to a certain extent, but also increase the cost; The magnetic damper is added to the motor shaft, but the mechanical structure changes greatly and is more complicated. The most effective and easiest way is to use a driver with a subdivision function.

The subdivision technology of the stepping motor is a kind of electronic damping technology, in essence, its main purpose is to weaken or eliminate the low-frequency vibration of the stepping motor, and improve the operation precision of the motor. In essence, the subdivision drive is to make the magnetic field inside the stepping motor change according to certain requirements by controlling the current in the stepping motor excitation windings, to realize the subdivision of step Angle.

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