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What are the main factors that affect the pressure of a peristaltic pump?

    The operation mode of the peristaltic pump is slightly different from other pumps. The pressure is formed by alternately squeezing the hose through the rollers. Then the pressure is the main factor for the transmission of the peristaltic pump. What will affect this? Share it with you here!

    1. Wall thickness
    If the inner wall of the hose is thicker, then under the same pressure tube gap, the pressure will be stronger, if the inner wall is thinner, it will be the opposite, and the same pressure will be smaller.
    2. Material
    For hoses of different materials, under the same pressure tube clearance, the harder the hose, the greater the pressure, and the softer the material, the lower the pressure.
    3. Life
    As the time of use becomes longer, the hose will gradually become softer due to fatigue and wear, and the corresponding pressure will become smaller. Similarly, if the pressure tube is too tight, it will accelerate the consumption of the life of the hose.
    In short, there are multiple factors that affect the pressure of the peristaltic pump, and whether we have not talked about whether it is imported, the speed of the roller during use, etc. If you are interested in this, please send a private message.


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