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The peristaltic pump is not broken, but why does it not turn?

    In the process of using the peristaltic pump, sometimes it happens that the peristaltic pump itself is not damaged, but the pump head does not rotate, and even no liquid is produced. Why is this? Here I share some relevant knowledge with you.
    1. The hose is installed in the wrong place

When most people use the peristaltic pump for the first time, the installation is prone to problems. After installing the hose, the pump head does not turn and there will be abnormal noise. After checking other places, it is found that there is no damage. In fact, it is the peristaltic pump hose, and Not being pressed in between the rollers will cause the peristaltic pump to not operate.

    2. There is a foreign body in the hose

What if the hose is already pressed and the fluid comes out, but the fluid coming out does not match the speed? There is a high probability that there is a foreign body in the hose, which has changed the flow rate. Of course, it is also possible that because the liquid inlet end is not deep below the liquid level, there will also be problems with the liquid outlet.

    3. Pump head installation
    If the pump head has been disassembled, remember to align the position where the pump head and the coupling are connected, and remember to install the pump head screw firmly, otherwise, the driver will run but the pump head will not rotate.


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