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Do you know the Peristaltic pump's 7 advantages and 2 disadvantages?

Although the peristaltic pump has not been active in the market for a long time, its development time is very fast. Many industries with liquid transmission needs will want to know the advantages and disadvantages of the peristaltic pump and whether it is suitable for their industry. Next, Chuangrui will share it with you.
1, no pollution
Because of the unique operating characteristics of the peristaltic pump, only the pump tube contacts the raw liquid, so it ensures the safety and pollution-free transmission process.
2, simple operation
Compared to some other pumps, peristaltic pumps are simple to operate, just install the pump head and pump pipe, and then they are ready to run.
3. Scope of application
Because the pump pipe material is diverse, so the application of the industry is also very wide, the transmission of liquid or corrosion, or more viscous and so on, can match the suitable hose.
4. High stability
For industries that need the stable transmission of raw liquid, the peristaltic pump is the first choice, such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical liquid, etc., all choose the peristaltic pump.
5, high precision
Peristaltic pump has a certain degree of transmission accuracy, which is very suitable for batch filling industries, such as nucleic acid reagent industry is the use of filling peristaltic pump, of course, if you have high requirements for accuracy, the injection pump is still recommended here.
6, dry operation
Peristaltic pumps can be dry operation, avoiding accidents in production.
7, easy to clean
The raw fluid only touches the hose, so when cleaning, only need to clean or replace the pump line, it is also very simple to operate.
The following is the disadvantage of a peristaltic pump. After all, no matter how good the product is, it must also have shortcomings, which can not meet the needs of all people.
1. Pulse
In the process of transmission of peristaltic pump, because it is through the roller to alternating squeezing and releasing the hose and running, so the liquid is a surge of outflow, even after the double roller pulsation decreases, it is hard to avoid completely, so if you can't stand the transmission fluid will have a little bit of ripple, the peristaltic pump is not suitable.
2, hose wear
In the operation of the peristaltic pump, the hose is continuously squeezed by the roller, so the wear of the hose is inevitable, and the hose needs to be replaced regularly. Of course, compared with the maintenance of other pumps, the maintenance of the peristaltic pump is relatively simple.
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