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When operating peristaltic pump, should pay attention to the 4 points?

As the technology of peristaltic pumps becomes more and more mature, more and more industries are being applied. However, if the peristaltic pump is used improperly, or if the details are too careless, it may affect the life of the peristaltic pump. Here Let us share some points that should be paid attention to when using a peristaltic pump.

1.Pump tube installation

The pump tube of the peristaltic pump is often replaced during use, and if it is not installed properly, it may be damaged more quickly. Therefore, when installing, pay attention to the pump tube that must be placed in the middle of the roller. When installing, pay attention to the position of the upper-pressure block and the hose to be lifted up to put it in.

2.Pump head installation

The pump head of the peristaltic pump is relatively simple to install. Most of them are installed with pump head screws. When installing, pay attention to the corresponding grooves of the coupling. Large-flow pump heads generally need to purchase brackets to ensure stable operation, such as KZ50.

3.Use environment

The driver of the peristaltic pump contains precision components, so pay attention to protection during use. For example, the production environment is humid and dusty, etc., and the diaphragm needs to be sealed for protection to ensure the cleanliness of the driver and pump head, and no additional maintenance is required.

4.Pump tube replacement

The way to extend the peristaltic pump hose is very simple, just move the position of the roller to squeeze the hose, which can greatly extend the life of the hose.

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