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  • Application in fermentation tank
Application in fermentation tank
Since laboratory-scale fermentation tanks will conduct a variety of experiments, it is often necessary to change the type of added liquid, and the liquid delivered by the Chuangrui peristaltic pump only touches the hose, and this demand can be met by simply replacing the hose. Ideal for this type of application.

Small-scale fermentation tanks used in laboratories can usually use Chuangrui OEM peristaltic pumps, which are small in size and compact in structure. The pilot-scale fermentation tank requires a large flow rate, and Chuangrui standard desktop peristaltic pump can be used, which can be adjusted manually or remotely closed-loop control can be achieved.

Production-scale fermentation tanks, because the process parameters have been fixed, generally do not change the type of added liquid, there will be other liquid addition methods, but the peristaltic pump is still one of the important methods, especially the liquid that is sensitive to shear For this type of application, a large flow peristaltic pump is generally selected.



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