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Gel is a kind of automatic liquid glue coating machine, mainly used in the product process in accurate location, glue, paint and other liquid injection, apply to the precise location, each product can be widely used in electronic packaging, parts and fixed glass sealing, etc, can be accurately and quickly replace manual operations, is not necessary for a part of the mechanized production.

In the actual production application, the dispensing machine is simple to operate, convenient to use, high-speed and accurate, not only can be operated by a single machine, but also can be used in the assembly of various automatic equipment, with strong bearing capacity and large processing space, providing great convenience for the automatic dispensing in the production process.

Peristaltic pump is one of the most important parts of dispensing machine, peristaltic dispensing technology is widely used in many fields of production, to help dispensing machine to accurately locate and precisely dispensing glue in the glue liquid coating work of specific equipment.

Glue supply principle of peristaltic pump:

The stepper motor drives the rotor inside the pump head to rotate, and then squeezes the pump pipe with uniform speed and uniform force. At this time, vacuum suction is formed in the pump pipe, which has a suction effect on the glue liquid and completes the medium transmission of glue liquid.

In the dispensing process of peristaltic pump, the glue liquid flows through the pump pipe. Under the correct operation, it will not cause any pollution to the pump body. At the same time, it only needs to replace the pump pipe when cleaning.



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