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  • Application of peristaltic pump in the pharmaceutical industry
Application of peristaltic pump in the pharmaceutical industry
Pharmaceutical technology is mainly divided into chemical pharmaceutical technology and biopharmaceutical technology. Chemical pharmacy uses chemical synthesis methods to produce medicines, while biopharmaceuticals use organisms, biological tissues, cells, body fluids, etc. as raw materials to produce medicines using biotechnology. The pharmaceutical process is divided into two major steps: the production of raw materials and the production of pharmaceutical preparations. APIs are the raw materials used in the production of various preparations. They are the effective ingredients in the preparations. Various powders, crystals, extracts, etc., prepared by chemical synthesis, plant extraction or biotechnology, are used for medicinal purposes. Cannot be taken directly. Only when raw materials are processed into pharmaceutical preparations can they become medicines that can be used in clinical applications.
Chuangrui traditional peristaltic pump products have a wide flow range, high fluid transmission accuracy and stability, lower shearing action is more suitable for the transmission of biologically active fluids, and when transferring fluids, the fluid only contacts the hose. Avoid cross-contamination of fluids during transmission
1. Improve fluid transmission accuracy
Peristaltic pump dispenses liquid volume, repeatability accuracy <2%
2. Avoid cross-contamination of fluid during transmission
When the peristaltic pump transfers fluid, the fluid only contacts the inner cavity of the hose, eliminating the risk of the pump contaminating the fluid or the fluid contaminating the pump
The peristaltic pump hose is easy to replace. When pumping different fluids, you can avoid cross-contamination between different fluids by replacing the hoses
3. Reduce the transmission loss of biologically active substances
The peristaltic pump has a low-shear effect and transfers biologically active substances without inactivation
4. Good fluid transmission reliability and easy maintenance
The peristaltic pump does not require valves and seals when transferring fluid, and will not cause pump damage due to dry operation
The pneumatic peristaltic pump has an overload protection function, which will not cause damage to the pump due to overload, and can run continuously at high speed for a long time in harsh environments.
The peristaltic pump hose is simple and convenient to replace, and the maintenance cost is low



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