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UCP Stepper motor Peristaltic Pump

  • Peristaltic filling pump liquid packing machine stepper motor UCP301
Peristaltic filling pump liquid packing machine stepper motor UCP301

Peristaltic filling pump liquid packing machine stepper motor UCP301

  • Pump head:YZ1515x YZ2515x
  • * Motor: Stepper motor
  • * Max speed : 600 rpm
  • * Flow range :0.007~2280 ml/min
  • * Max channels :2
  • * Remote control : optional
  • Product description: peristaltic pump

Due to the continuous improvement of food and drug production standards. The peristaltic pump gradually replaces the plunger pump.
Because the peristaltic pump is more in line with GMP standards. The structure is simple, the pump body is not in contact with the
liquid medicine, so there is no need to clean and disinfect the pump body. The pipes can be autoclaved for easy cleaning and

The biggest advantage of a peristaltic pump relative to a piston pump is the ability to deliver fluid with particles.

The advantages of peristaltic pumps to work with packaging machine are:

1, no pollution: the liquid only contacts the pump tube, does not touch the pump body;
2, high precision: good repeatability and high stability;
3, low shear: is the ideal tool for conveying shear sensitive and corrosive fluids;
4, good sealing: with good self-priming ability, can be idling, can prevent backflow;

5, simple maintenance: no valves and seals

Pump head introduction:
CR peristaltic pump head   YZ1515X with rigidity and structure are more excellent. Its strong capabilities of baring high temperature and erosion, especially the excellent performance in the aspects of strong chemical resistance such as resisting organic solvent, effectively reducing the damage rate of the pump heads and the customers' cost in maintaining and reparing.
The pump head housing is available in white PESU and black PPS for a variety of applications.
Small size is available/Installation types are various/Control method is optional/Support special customized.
Pump head model Flow range
Tube model ID*Wall thickness
100 rpm 300 rpm 600 rpm
YZ1515x 0.007—2280 13# 0.8*1.6 7 ml/min 21 ml/min 42 ml/min
14# 1.6*1.6 27 ml/min 81 ml/min 162 ml/min
19# 2.4*1.6 51 ml/min 153 ml/min 306 ml/min
16# 3.1*1.6 82 ml/min 246 ml/min 492 ml/min
25# 4.8*1.6 170 ml/min 510 ml/min 1020 ml/min
17# 6.4*1.6 290 ml/min 870 ml/min 1740 ml/min
18# 7.9*1.6 380ml/min 1140ml/min 2280ml/min
YZ2515x 0.17-1740 15# 4.8*2.4 170ml/min 510ml/min 1020ml/min
24# 6.4*2.4 290ml/min 870ml/min 1740ml/min